Saturday, June 5, 2010

Moab, UT

Bryce Canyon was beautiful! The overviews were amazing, so many hoodoos!! We took a hike into the canyon to see the hoodoos close up. The hike down into the canyon was great, but of course, when you hike down into a canyon, you have to hike back out. That means more switchbacks!! They are haunting me where ever we go!! After Walter's Wiggles in Zion, I was hoping we wouldn't have to see any for awhile, but there they were. Since the switchbacks didn't have an official name, we decided to call the Bryce's B@#*&s. :D


Yesterday we traveled from Bryce Canyon to Moab via scenic highway 12. I inquired about the route at the local Chevron and the woman behind the counter advised me against it. She claimed it had 14 percent grades and "on top of that when you leave Escalante you have to climb the Hog's Back with drop offs on either side!" Now, I seem to remember traveling on this road in the other direction with my mom and brother when I was a teen. I remembered it being somewhat steep but not nearly as daunting as this woman described. We made it no problem and turns out the grades are no steeper than 10 percent. The "Hog's Back" is literally the top of a Mesa which does in fact drop off on either side and is truly one of the most incredibly scenic roads I have ever driven. We did a drive by tour of Capitol Reef National Park and made it to Moab in one piece.

Today we hiked up to Delicate Arch. Left at 8 to beat the heat but within an hour it was already in the 90's. Felt like two fried eggs on the slickrock climb up but it was well worth the 3 mile round trip. Delicate Arch is amazing and despite Alisha expressing how she really felt at the top of the climb I've never seen her so high as when we finally made it to the end. Temp stayed pinned at 100 + today so we made good use of the trailer A/C and made quick work out of the local brewery's finest. It's been rough so far but I think we can handle it.


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  1. The Hog Back. That's what I was trying to remember. If you did that, you can handle anything. As for the heat, find a cold stream, strip down, lay back, enjoy the cold water. Better than beer (almost)!