Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Zion National Park--Day 2

Yesterday we went for a hike to Angel's Landing . . . Well, Brent did, I only made it as far as Scout Lookout. To get to Scout Landing you have to hike uphill forever and then you get to Walter's Wiggles, a set of 23 switchbacks. Apparently Walter had a poor sense of humor. The view from the top was AMAZING. To get to Angel's Landing it was a rock scramble with a chain to hold onto so you didn't fall off. I took one look at the climb and all the people in over their heads clinging to the chain and decided that the last part of the hike was not for me. Brent went ahead, little rock scrambler that he is, and he made it up there and back before many people had even figured out how to get to the top.

The pictures are, from top to bottom: Brent and myself at Scout Lookout, the view from the top of Angel's Landing, Brent at the top of Angel's Landing, the chipmunk that kept me company while Brent was hiking to Angel's Landing, and Walter's Wiggles on the way down the mountain.

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